Frequently Asked Questions

1)  Why do you recommend the Endoscopy Center rather than a hospital?

Endoscopy Centers are designed specifically for performing endoscopic procedures. They are designed with efficiency, patient convenience and ease of mind.  All of our staff are specifically trained in GI procedures and health management.

2)  Can I wear contacts during the procedure?

It is recommended by the physicians and the anesthesiologist, that you wear your glasses or bring glasses with your contact case for after the procedure. 

3)  Will I still have diarrhea on my way to the procedure?

This may occur, be prepared with extra clothing as needed.

4)  Do I really need to split the prep in half?

If you are using the Miralax Prep, Yes this gives you a "clean colon" for a thorough examination.  Eating lightly 48 hours prior to your procedure will eliminate excessive trips to the bathroom when you start your prep.  ALWAYS drink plenty of clear fluids (nothing red in color) 24-48 hours prior to your procedure.  This will keep you well hydrated and prevent any side effects.  If you are using a different prep, follow instructions given to you by the nursing staff.

5)  Are polyps removed at the time of the procedure?

Yes, these will be removed and sent for pathology.  Pathology results will be available anywhere from 10-15 days.

6)  Can I take Tylenol prior to the procedure?

Yes, you can use Tylenol.  DO NOT use Advil, Motrin, Aleve or Ibuprofen.

7)  Do I really need to get up in the middle of the night to finish the prep?

YES, we need to have your colon as clear as possible for accurate results. Follow the prep guidelines as closely as you possibly can. Stool may remain to pass through the colon even after the bowel movements begin to look clear.  The split dose prep is designed to allow sufficient time for the remaining stool to pass into the colon so the 2nd dose will flush this out.  The colon prep is also available on our website.  If you have had side effects with the Miralex prep, ask they physician or nursing staff about other options that are on the market at the time of your procedure.

8)  What should I do if I forgot to stop my Aspirin/arthritis medicine?

If you forget to stop the meds, the procedure can still be done, please inform the nurse.

9)  What if I have my menstrual cycle at the time of my procedure?

This is not a problem, it is OK to go ahead with the procedure.  You can inform the nurse upon arrival.

10)  Why can't I have clear liquids that are red?

Some red juices contain a dye that coats the bowel wall and obscure lesions or be mistaken for blood in the colon.

11)  Why did I receive two separate bills from your office, for my procedure?

One bill is for the physician, the other bill is for the endoscopic procedure in our facility NOTE:  You will receive additional bills for the anesthesia services, pathologist to read your specimen (if a polyp was removed) and the hospital for the pathology evaluation.

12)  Can I wear jewelry?

This is a patient decision, comfort is our main goal.  Tongue piercings and nose studs will need to be removed prior to the procedure.

13)  What about my fake nails and/or wearing nail polish?

This will not effect the procedure, you do not need to do anything with your nails.

14)  Do I really need a driver?

Yes, due to the sedation you are given, you will not be fully functioning to operate a motor vehicle.  If your procedure is in the afternoon, your driver will not be allowed to leave the property since the procedures go much smoother and faster in the afternoons with only one provider working in the Endoscopy Center.   If your procedure is scheduled for the morning, your driver may be allowed to leave as long as they are with in 20 minutes of the facility. They must leave their cell phone number if we need to reach them after the procedure.